Badfinger Suicide

posted 6 Nov 2015, 14:23 by sean grgeg   [ updated 6 Nov 2015, 22:40 ]

Have been thinking about these guys all week - trying to figure out what the hell happened?

Badfinger were a chart topping rock band.. that seemed to have it all.. oozing with talent .. so much to live for .. yet destined to have two members kill themselves (including much loved Peter Ham).

 Often during a crisis counselling call , I will attempt to interweave shared interests into the conversation with the caller. If its an older person they would definitely be all over the band "Badfinger" and the spate of hits they enjoyed in the early 70s. Nb: See Breaking Bad final scene. Using them and their music and their life stories - it is almost like it can become a valuable reference point when talking about modern day issues. Plus it gives the caller something to hold onto after the event. There is no doubt Art (in particular music) can often influence how we think and feel. That emotional response can be an important tool when dealing with a person’s overall well being. HAM: The human experience of 1975 (when he took his own life) is not all that much different 40 years later. I believe the following themes were thrust upon Pete at the end of his life:       #1 - Giving trust to an older person (only to find that they have ripped you off financially). In his suicide note, Pete points the finger at a person twice his age (who should have been there as a role model, rather than as he describes the "soulless bastard").     #2 -Not being allowed to develop as an artist and as a human being. Rat in a trap: Peter was caught in what the Hindus call “the Maya” (the everyday human generated illusion). When Saturn returns: from my own personal experience I know that around the age of 26 or 27 - you have to go through a kind of growing up period (or what some describe as am “Awakening”). You ignore this natural phenomenon at your peril. The conclusions you make at the end of this process largely determines your future.      #3 – Becoming a parent. This should be a time of joy, but there is no doubt that the impending birth of a child can potentially generate much anxiety. Our society makes a big deal about the cash flow associated with family life and it is possible to solely focus on the dollars, rather than the fact that an infant’s basic need is all about connection and the free exchange of love energy.   

Maybe, if Peter had the right Role Model, things could have been different. The whole point of being a middle aged person is to support and encourage the next generation coming through. Pete even used the word "soul" in his suicide note to describe the Badfinger manager. Soul is that hard to define invisible spiritual stuff and has nothing to do with dollar value and seeing people as resources there to be exploited. Pete trusted with all of his heart and he was left broken (at many levels).

This story also reminds me of leadership. In this period of the worlds experience it is vital that we the people have awareness about the different types of leaders out there. Intellectual vrs Intelligent: It is well possible that you can become middle aged and successful with academic achievement, ambition, power and cash (but have no intelligence and then also be "bankrupt in the soul"). 

Our challenge as "the people" is to develop that awareness. To recognise intelligent leaders who are going to not only look after us, but also on a larger scale be part of the movement that pulls the planet back from the brink.

In conclusion, I think if Pete has a message for all of us to do with that: to turn off the technology, take a deep breath and calm down. Clear your headspace of all the drama and look out way way way beyond the rich night sky to a different dimension.. to the Quiet.. to what has been there underneath all along.. the place where we develop that sense of "what is".