Anzac Dude

"How do you reconcile being 60’s Peacenik Dude..
        ..with Military gun-toting Dude???"

The Dude simply responds.. 
“Well .. my Dad was in the RAF (Royal Air Force) WW2 and.. 
                      .. I just wanted to be like him..”  
see The Pathfinder and also related story see 1977 Oct 06 (Soldier Sailor)

What bought on this segment was... 
the Dude receiving a military Medal at beginning of 2012.
The Dude acknowledges some amazing times in the Military (1978-1985)...
                       .. And they have played an important part in where he is now..

The closest thing he could compare his basic training..
is the 1987 movie “Full Metal Jacket

In Dudes mind - it captures the instructor craziness.. 

Also.... the Dude identifies with the character “The Joker”
In the film, he wears a peace-sign medallion on his uniform 
          …as well as writing "Born to Kill" on his helmet…

“I think I was trying to suggest something about the Duality of Man .. the Jungian thing.." 

IMHO .. The best thing though about the Military..
Is meeting random young souls from all over the country..
Different characters thrown together.. 
and loads of Maori guys.. 
and all of us truly equal (which was great!)
See also Smokin Joe

By the end of our training.. we really were a “Band of Brothers”
A closeness that is difficult to describe..
Faces, conversations and amazing situations..
that the Dude is thankful to have experienced. 
Nb: Maybe those instructors were not that crazy at all??


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