2 The EAD (Earthship Australia Dude)

In recent years..

the Dude been thinking about his future..

For a long time.. it seemed to be about the Family

and mortgage repayments and trying to keep hold of your job.


A few years back , the Dude watched the Mike Reynolds movie “the Garbage Warrior” ... 
he was on the edge of his seat and sparked an interest... 

Then completely by chance.. the Dudes oldest daughter (a then Architecture university student ) .. asked him to go along to see...

 Mike Reynolds University Lecture in Brisbane Feb 2012 ..  

it inspired to build his own Earthship..  

He believes this is the sort of thing he has been searching for.. To him its more than just about sustainable housing, but offers the builder the true meaning of freedom.. he links Earthships to his youth in the 1960s 

Also, he has been using this video about the Earthship Hut .. as a sort of HOWTO manual..
his design is largely based on this youtube.

At the end of 2013 , the Dude said Goodbye to the corporate world.. and is now working part time as a postie..
Ps. hopefully, will provide more time for Earthships!

see Facebook for more info and Earthship build status..


 SUPPORT THE DUDE!!! in his noble quest to build Earthship Hut. He has a # of people to convince! LIKE below FACEBOOK 

Facebook Mission: to establish a Meeting place for "same page souls" 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7rjVHXUPL0 Kurt Cobain talk   
 (uncle Buck)   
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Facebook Mission: to establish a Meeting place for "same page souls" 

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Earthship Australia
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