12 June 1990 England
This was the first day of work for the Dude ,
in a large Financial organisation in the Britain.

Over time, he became vaguely aware of something going on with the local people
It was like a “silent game” that was being played
(and as an outsider from the other side of the world)
the Dude was sometimes forgiven for not understanding the rules.

There are social systems in the UK that have existed for a very long time
This web page is all about documenting Dude impressions re. Power...
As follows...

                                                                                  "The Game" is all about judgement
                                                                                   "The Game" is all about sticking labels on the people
                                                                                   "The Game" is all about throwing people into buckets
                                                                                   "The Game" is all about making sure that they stay there

"You don't write a song like 'God Save The Queen' because you hate the English race. 
You write a song like that because you love them, 
and you're fed up of seeing them mistreated" John Lydon

It seemed to the Dude 
What counted in UK was:
Your particular accent
Your particular school
Your particular skin colour
                                                    Your particular church

For a long time, there has been a ruling upper class in Britain (and a lessor extent in the Commonwealth)
That ensures it keeps money, public voice (and most importantly power) in their hands

At aged 16, the Dude proudly served 7 years in her Majesty's Armed Forces 
However, as the years have gone by...
the Dude mind about the Royals has changed.
The mystique and the image surrounding the Monarch (and the ruling class)
is just not the same...  

The treatment of Princess Diana was something that affected the Dude

The Dude believes that every person is born with a Mind, Body and Spirit

In that way we are ALL truly Equal...

Until recently, the Dude did not mind the stable Westminster style of Government in Australia  

However, if a Republic means tearing down labels, not following a ruling class on the other side of                  
the World , breaking red tape (and help build Earthships), championing the creativity of the Individual, 
having the confidence to stand on our own two feet...
then maybe it is time     

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