Beavers can make their own homes, why can't we? mike reynolds









Housing will be a key issue.. 

for many young people in Australia and around the World.

The whole modern urban environment will be under stress:

- Employment (especially with off shoring policies)

- Money (everybody will want it, but it will be increasingly hard to get)

- Well Being (very few role models and should be taught in schools).



Housing is linked to all these things.



The number one capital expense that people will face, is paying rent or a hefty mortgage. 

Also, since the 80's, there has been money making schemes involving real estate,

that has seriously skewed the market place.

NB: This has sent house prices through the roof.




The Dudes children (and their generation) face an uncertain future.

Diminishing jobs, limited cash and very few prospects of property ownership.

Well being will become a hot topic over next 20 years.







On the surface of it , there are no easy solutions..

but in 2012 there was some hope offered to the Dude..

Last years Mike University Earthship Hut Lecture in Brisbane ... did offer one alternate pathway...



Mike Asked: What if you could eliminate housing debt?

What if you could cut down on your utilities, water , aircon and heating expenses?

What if you no longer needed house insurance?

What if you could eliminate the need for government involvement?

What if you reduced cost on architects, builders, electricians and plumbers?





The #1 impression he got from that seminar:

- Earthships free people from stress and practically make a lot of sense.

- Earthships represent innovation, hard work and people looking after themselves properly

NB: This is the true meaning of capitalism and democracy.

Also, The Dude believes..

       "an Earthship is the ultimate expression of  Freedom"

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