"I hated my school teachers - they were more interested in keeping the kids quiet than teaching them"roger waters

The Dude has an entire portfolio of knowledge that he considers valuable 
This information is an absolute cornerstone to where he is now.
What seems incredible to him, is that..    
none of this knowledge was attained from any school he attended.

His impressions, from his own experience
and that of his own 3 children, 
and conversations with various friends / Lifeline..
1. The children are not interested in the curriculum
2. The information is not relevant to the future of this planet
3. The system can't deal with “troublesome” students
4. Some kids are quickly labelled ,sent to a shrink and given pills
5. The system teaches the kids to tick the right box, rather than be creative
6. The individual... and individual thought is down played.. even quoshed

Throw into this the World Economy, jobs and a whole lot of other stuff..
and you would think Education has to change..

(John Lydon Talking about school education) "They take your soul away. They take your brains away. They don't let you have an opinion that's different from theirs. You've got to think what they tell you to think"

The Dude learned more within 6 months of joining the Military, than he did in the entire 11 years at school
Ditto re. his 6 month training course at Lifeline...

Dude Summary:
IMHO - There needs to be a few more primary subjects..
One entitled "Creativity" and one entitled "Well being"
IMHO 60s teacher George Harrison youtube is as good a place to start...

"Consciousness should be taught in Schools"


"The way I saw the educational system from an early age was that it taught you what to think, not how to think. 
There was no liberty for free thinking. 
You were being trained to fit into a society, where free thinking was a nuisance. 
I liked some of my teachers very much, but I had no interest in their subjects"    joni mitchell



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