Economic Freedom

When we think of Capitalism
We also need to consider Economic Freedom...

Some people think they are the same thing
They are not.

Over Legislation has provided insummountable barriers,
for the individual to “do their own thing”

“Doing your own thing” is critical...
      - If you want private enterprise , development and confidence to take off
      - If you want a society which values individual responsibility.

Economic Freedom is all about ...
Having the Government Support:
Innovation, Initiative, Creativity, Risk Taking and Entrepreneurship.

The Dude believes the red tape he has encountered
Re. his initial idea of purchasing a block of land
and the build for the humble Earthship hut...
Is symptomatic of a larger problem facing the Western World

People get tired of the fight and give up...
“You are not Depressed, you are Distracted” Facundo Cabral
And by default rely more and more on Government for their livelihood
As private property declines
                            and Government power increases...
                            Then comes a demand for more Tax money
                            And a push for more Government rules and regulations

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