We operate under a skewed system that perpetuates an illusion of infinite growth within the reality of a finite planet
David Suzuki

The Dude is still trying to get his head around this one...

Something has changed in the world ... since he was born in the 60s
After World War 2 there was no money...
But the Greatest Generation got things moving in the right direction
there was a real COLLECTIVE responsibility...
                                    Between Government, Corporations, the Stock Market and the People
The Dudes mother commented (and Dude thinks this demonstrates the spirit of the times) 
“A persons word was everything – you could buy a house on a handshake”                 

"Some billionaires have a tax rate as low as 1%"
Around 1990, the average CEO in the Western world was getting paid 70 times what the average worker was getting paid. Now the figure is getting close to 300.
Also, for too long ..
massive corporate brands have been allowed to gobble up the little guy
tainting what
Capitalism used to stand for :
         Leanness, Innovation, Hard work, Competition and Passion 

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