Tom Joad

“Maybe it's like Casey says - a fella hasn't got a soul of his own ... just a little piece of a soul ... the one big soul that belongs to everybody”

The 1940 film "Grapes of Wrath" 
is another one of those films that has stuck with the Dude.

The Dude believes this book and film is somehow related to modern day life.
There does seem to be a push (from somewhere?) 
to destroy the small time operator
Modern Day: there seems to be a ton of red tape
 tying down the "small guy" - the individual.

If money and jobs keep draining out of the country
then maybe the hardship described in John Steinbecks novel 
could come back to haunt us.

When the Dude thinks about Social Justice 
and the Small Guy (the individual)... he thinks of this film.

The Dude recently rediscovered this book by chance.. 
purchased at a Brisbane school fete. 

Youtube: Also,  he connects to the Springsteen song "The Ghost of Tom Joad" 
(Dude prefers the Rage against the Machine" version - see below:) 
The opening part of this clip poignantly starts.. 
with a short excerpt from Peter Finch master performance.. 

“I’m sitting here in the campfire light – searching for the ghost of Tom Joad”

NB: not too sure why Marilyn is in this youtube, but she seems to fit?
NB: Kudos to the guy who put this youtube together - great work!

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