The Band

For the Dude - these guys were important
as they seemed to allow 
the real parts of themselves
to come shining through

There seemed to have this underlying spirit 
and the writing was about subject matter
that was interesting and
of course  - there was passion.
“The Weight” for example
as featured in the film "Easy Rider"
carried an almost spiritual message to it
and it seemed to make a comment on Life itself

is almost like a historical document.
Levon Helm vocal outstanding.

Even how they made they records was different
They would lock themselves away in the country
throw away the clock and just go for it 
No distractions No boundaries 

A skeptic would focus on the negative aspects of the Bands story
But what the Dude chooses to hold onto
was the youth part of their time together

There was a very real brotherhood quality that existed
you can see it in the photos
and hear it in the music..

That was the root of their success

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