George Lucas

"Luminous beings are we...

                        ..not this crude matter"

Star Wars. During the late 70's (a time when the roller coaster of world spiritual consciousness was in a trough) the film industry delivered on its promise to help make people stop, look at themselves and decide a better more meaningful pathway.

Star Wars was exactly the catalyst to fire thought and feeling about the world. 
See also Star Trek.
This film "The Empire Strikes Back" in terms of spreading world wide spiritual consciousnesshas - is the Lucas masterpiece.  

The Dude believes the source for this story comes from the 60s (and the Spirit of the 60s).

To base the Jedi belief systems on Eastern spiritualism was a stroke of genius.
At that time, young people in particular were really searching for a message and a means to make that message work
The Star Wars story: All this new age spiritualism coming out in the digestible form resonated to a ground swell of consciousness around the world and still holds up today. 

Ps: One of the best moments for the Dude was in the mid 90s  , where he shared with his then 7 year old son a Star Wars triple play at the local movie house. In the Dudes mind this was the ultimate Father-Son experience (a moment they both still reference). See story in 1995 Jul 30 (First Force) 

The Dude leaves you with with the classic Dagobah scene and a message that still puts the hairs on the back of his neck on end...     

"you will know ............ when you are calm, at peace.... passive"

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