Spencer Tracy

‘Boys belong with their fathers, and even more, fathers belong with their sons,’ he told a friend in 1935. ‘I’d been thinking that I had “rights”; that I could lead my own life and all that sort of thing. But actually I forswore that right the day Johnny was born. I was responsible for this young life. His place is with me. Mine is with him.’

The Dude absolutely gets these words. 

Spencer, is in some ways a controversial figure, but the Dude does feel connection (and more importantly does feel like he has something to learn) from the screen legend.

The Dude was particularly taken by his Academy award winning screen performance in Captain Courageous (see Pic).

The movie itself made a huge impact on the Dude. 
See youtube:

Throughout this movie (and indeed Spencer life), there are universal themes that are Timeless.  
About Life and Death, Parent and Child, the Elderly and Youth (and basically the choices you make in your life).  

Also, from the ways of the East we know that there are "Polar Opposites of Energy" to just about everything: Dark and Light, Masculine and Feminine, Good and Evil, Calm and Turbulence, Life and Death etc. 

It is like one cannot exist without the other

The Tracy lifestyle included much that seemed like a contradiction to some. See Polar Opposites.

A marriage (see above picture), a son that was born profoundly deaf (and therefore took almost the entire focus of his mother). As a result she became distant from her husband and Spencers life became turbulent with behaviour that included alcoholism, womanising and of course the long term relationship with actress Kate Hepburn.  
The Dude does not pretend to understand the full story, but it was obvious he struggled with a load of drama.

It is what it is

It would be easy to say he was weak and his entire life should be dismissed, but the Dude suspects the universe would prefer that he recognises the Polar opposites in this mans life...
 to not judge, rather absorb the Spencer learning's on offer
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