Sinead O'Connor

"They were focused on the preservation of their own reputation, 
rather than the welfare of the children"  Sinead O'Connor

She was asking for church accountability, when no one else was talking about it
After all the reports and all the findings
one gets the picture of systemic abuse throughout many diocese through many countries 
that was ultimately covered up in a coordinated way by central command

One of Sineads pleas is that criminal activities 
concerning any sort of abuse of children
should be handled by a secular entity
rather than from within the Catholic church

One thing the Dude knows from being a Lifeline counselor
Is that any abuse on a child
cuts to the core of that soul
It is one of the cruellest things a person can do to another human being
Sinead O'Connor is a courageous soul
She took on a lot of personalised abuse for her actions on 3 Oct 92
But she and other people like her are absolutely necessary 
in the prevention of evil

Nb: Dude was baptised a Catholic and recognises the good  work of many good folks from within the church. However like Sinead, he also recognises the mishandling by its leaders on this issue

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