Sally Brampton

British Journalist. Sally began her career on Vogue before moving to the Observer as fashion editor. She launched Elle in the UK, which she edited for five years, leaving to write full time. She has published several novels, a television documentary and a screenplay, and has written extensively for all the major national newspapers and magazines.
She writes a weekly column on emotional issues for the Sunday Times. 

When the Dude started work as a Lifeline counsellor he showed plenty of compassion and patience, but was bothered with his failure to totally empathise and understand the callers pain.

At the time the Dude was a big fan of Sallys when she wrote for "the Times" and when he found out she had a novel out about depression , he sent away for a copy.

Shoot the Damn Dog (A Memoir of Depression) was the exactly the information the Dude required to be a better counsellor.

Sally autobiographical novel, explains in very direct prose what the experience was like, how it was linked to her past and how she dug herself out of the hole.

The most invaluable piece of information the Dude learned from Sally re. depression was - there is no one size fits all magic bullet: it is a unique thing for the person suffering it (and then so is the recovery).

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