Roger Waters

“Thirty years ago, when I wrote The Wall, I was a frightened young man. It took me a long time to get over my fears. In the intervening years it has occurred to me that maybe the story of my fear and loss with its concomitant inevitable residue of ridicule, shame and punishment, provides an allegory for broader concerns: nationalism, racism, sexism, religion, whatever! All these issues and ‘isms are driven by the same fears that drove my young life.” roger waters

Feb 2012. While walking home from work 
the Dude was lucky enough to go through the solitude of Australian bush land...
He stopped to take a deep breath in this one particular spot
he marveled at the Quiet
his mind wandered ...

He started thinking about a birthday gift for his son, which was coming up
He breathed some more...

What came in... was the following:  
He was vaguely aware that his son was a Pink Floyd fan 
A few other random facts followed into his consciousness: 
  - that Roger Waters was touring with "the Wall" in Brisbane the very next day
  - that it is possible to buy late tickets through ebay

On pure instinct.. that same night - the Dude did get two ebay tickets 
and next day sent off his son and eldest daughter to the show.
It all fell together magically...

Footnote:His daughter  in particular was most impressed
Post gig - she rated it as the best concert she has ever seen! (and loved the following songs)

Also, as an aside... 
the Dude has been aware that Roger Waters is one of those artists who has something to say...
Words through his music...
that are important now..  as they were... 30 or 40 years ago..
Timeless messages about:
    Family, War, Peace, Fascism, Relationships, Love, Death, Loss, Depression, Drug usageCreativity, Happiness etc

The Dude feels Waters/Pink Floyd records are more than just music...
It is like performance art...
and could be used as an education tool for young people even..
I certainly would prefer studying this album , rather than some of the other stuff that was trowelled out!

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