Philip Jones Griffiths

Being an individual is a big thing with the Dude.
When Robert Capa setup Magnum Photos in 1947, he wanted to support the style of photographic journalism where there were no boundaries in regards to telling the truth.
In the Dudes mind, there is no better example of this than Philip Jones Griffiths.
At a time when journalism was heavily censured and the truths of the war situation was twisted around (and sometimes buried) , here comes a guy (with his ground breaking book "Vietnam Inc") -  that left the reader in no doubt , as to what was really going on. It may shock, but "it is what it is".
The Dude is grateful to this guy (and other people like him) for having the courage to report events through their camera lens. And to do it with some integrity.
It is then up to the viewer to decide what is the reality.
It helped contribute to all the best parts of the this time – the spirit of the 60s.
Supporting Universal themes of Reality, Truth, Justice, Peace, Love and Cooperation.

Footnote: The Dude thinks that Capa and Griffiths would be appalled how some modern day photographers stalk celebrities... See Journalism

Magnum Photos was not set up for this purpose.
And while the Dude believes that the Paparazzi did not physically kill Princess Diana - indirectly they did...
we all did.

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