Peter Finch

"it's the Individual that's finished”

Two great youtube clips from Network Movie:

The 1976 film "Network" made quite an impression on the Dude.
Not only did it spark ideas about mind control of the masses through media, but it also touched on Corporate Greed , Love , Marriage (see Beatrice Straight) and the importance of the individual.

The Dude believes this film is somehow relevant to modern day life. 
The Dude starts thinking about money and how it affects the world
He is particularly concerned that corporate leaders around the globe (and how disconnected they seem from the worlds struggle). 
Their separateness may explain how some CEOs think - they have entitlement to massive bonuses and payouts (quite often funded by the tax payer monies). 

The Dude yearns for a "Howard Beale" type figure to stand up and say something. 
Normally, the greed of people would not bother the Dude, except he suspects it may affect his personal struggle to build Earthships - Logic as follows: 

It seems that, when an individual attempts to start something different (whether its their own small business enterprise or even attempt to build a humble Earthship Hut) – then, he or she is forced to face a mountain of obstacles - ie, bureaucracy and fees that don't seem reasonable.  

The Dude steps back and asks “where is all this red tape coming from?”  
Why do the "big guys" seem so... anti "small guy?"
So............. anti the individual?

You could be forgiven for thinking that  Governments and corporations are convenient bedfellows?
The Dude hopes not - However check out this Ned Beatty “You have meddled with the primal forces of nature” clip from Network:
Despite all this... the Dude still believes.... 
The People and Freedom still mean something and it can change
But this style of Capitalism is in a trough...

As this film points out (and the Dude can see evidence of it) ... the masses are distracted by media.. Brainwashed

Paradoxically IMHO - regarding the "way out" ..
is net technology itself...
and the precious cyber freedom a user has ...

to go wherever he or she wants..

Youtube: Also,  Peter Finch is at beginning of classic Springsteen song "The Ghost of Tom Joad" (Dude prefers the Rage against the Machine" version - see below:)  
“I’m sitting here in the campfire light – searching for the ghost of Tom Joad