Olivia Harrison

The Dude writes this web page 
to applaud one woman's decision
to share with fans..
about what really went on with her husband George Harrison..
(and the other lads from Liverpool)

He considers them important for many reasons..
The main one being.. their music
and the imagery of their words 
and how they used it..
as a vehicle to project their own personal philosophy


These guys were like
the spokes persons for a generation
and seemed to capture the mood and the vibe of the times.
See related Spirit of the 60s

Beatles Anthology is like a history of the band..
Key events , TV appearances.. and stuff already on public record..
and is probably a good show for a Beatles novice..

Recently, the Dude managed to get a copy of..

What he was hoping from this film was ..some insight.. 
into what really drove George Harrison ..
His belief systems.. and especially his seemingly constant spiritual search..

what he got was a lot more .. a few examples as follows: 

From his childhood, the Dude has a faded memory of the Concert for Bangladesh.
In the film, it fills in many of the gaps to the story... and puts it into new light.
At the time, it really broke new ground.
Suddenly, rock stars could evoke real change in the world
The heart and the soul of the project though..
was driven by friendship..
Recently deceased Ravi Shankar, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann and
Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Phil Spectre.. they all contributed.

By film end..
the thing that struck the Dude most..
was the honesty of the people interviews:
Jackie Stewart, Tom Petty, Eric idle etc (and of course Olivia herself..)
can be well proud of their contribution.. 
Martin Scorsese (film maker) take a bow!


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