Nichelle Nichols

The Dude has been thinking about her a lot recently

One of the great things about the 60s.. 
was that there were so many "hot topics" being questioned.. like..
Race and Religion and Equal Rights.. 

Nichelle Nichols seemed to be an example 
that encompassed a lot of stuff
and showed .. what one possible future could look like..

A black female
with the rank of communications officer
who was treated with respect 
and was an equal by her work peers

Also, on screen (Star Trek) she seemed to carry herself
with so much class and grace on screen..

"Wow" the dude thought "what an amazing role model!"...
Not only for the generation of young women coming through
but for.. anyone else who believes in the simple words.. "a fair go"

Ps. Happy Birthday Nichelle - 28 Dec 2012 (age 80)

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