Nando Parrado

Nando Parrado. is one of the sixteen Uruguayan survivors of the airplane crash of Air Force Flight which crashed in the Andes mountains in 1972. After spending two months trapped in the mountains with the other crash survivors, he, along with Roberto Canessa, climbed through the Andes mountains over a ten day period to find help. Parrado wrote an account of his experiences in the book “Miracle in the Andes”. Truly inspirational! 

Here is a Transcript From the end of the film "Alive", where the two heroes are at the top of a peak absolutely exhausted after a heroic 3 day climb. They can't believe what they are seeing - more mountains - and they appear to be beaten by Mother Nature:

Nando: Between these mountains somewhere there's a green valley. See those mountains over there?  There's no snow on them.
Roberto: Those mountains must be fifty miles away. You think you can walk fifty miles?
Nando: If we have to, we will.
Roberto: I can't.
Nando: Yes you can.
Roberto: I can't. I'm not as strong as you.
Nando: Do you know what it is that we've lived this long the way we have? Seventy days? It's impossible. It's impossible and we did it. I'm proud to be a man on a day like this. Alive. That I lived to see it, and see it in such a place. Take it in. I love you, man. It's beautiful. It's God… and it'll carry us over every stone...

PS. Check out the Andes Mountain valley where they crashed - also, nice end sound track:

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