Mother Teresa

Dudes Mother and Grandmother were born in Calcutta , India.
Dude mother left there in 1948 , when things got unstable with the Hindus, Muslims and British. 
She was  packed on a troop ship and she landed in England. 
She expected to be greeted like a hero from the colonies , but unfortunately that did not happen. 
NB: Catholic Anglo Indians were not really accepted very well at that time.

Despite that, she met 
Dude Dad and...
Dude parents then decided to come across to this side of the world and start a family. 
Dude Grandmother (Cecelia) however, continued to live in India..
But when Dude Grandfather died, she fell on hard times. 
Cecelia was a giving soul and she was quickly removed of all her possessions. 
Calcutta is not a good place to be an aged person, broke poor and thrown out onto the streets. 

Fortunately, one of the people she had lent a helping hand to previously
recognized her on the pavement 
and cross questioned her
he took some details down 
and wrote to Dude parents regarding what had happened
They were then able to literally save her Life 
by setting her up in a place called the “Little sisters of the Poor” 
and Dude Grandmother stayed there till the day she died in 1995 , aged 102

Mother Teresa also stayed at the “Little sisters of the Poor” 
The Dude connects to Mother Teresa for this reason
NB: plus Mother Teresa's actions are amazing and just speak for them self. 

Mother Teresa was so brave and was somehow inspired by a divine spirit 
She had some hard times and challenges to her faith and her mission
but she managed to keep it all together and became a real luminous messenger for Gods Love.

The Dude Loves her work.

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