Mike Reynolds


"Wasps and Beavers can make their own homes , but people can't - and there is something wrong with that"

Michael Reynolds is an architect based in New Mexico and a proponent of "sustainable living". He has been a forceful and controversial critic of the profession of architecture for it's failure to deal with the amount of waste that building design creates.

One day soon when the western world starts really hurting - the lack of government action and vision will catch up with them. The people themselves will simply drive some of these practical, low cost, low energy solutions into reality.

The "Earthships" have incorporated features designed to make them comfortable to live in (while existing off the grid). 
Solar panels and geothermal cooling can be added.

With the rise in concern over climate change, Reynolds has become a graying prophet of the green movement. A true spirit of the 60s!

A 2007 documentary"Garbage Warrior - celebrates his life and work.

Ps. Youtube - Mike's Dream for the world re. Earthships: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4u32iA95aI

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