Kwai Chang Caine

VINCENT: What do you mean, walk the earth?

JULES: You know, like Caine in "KUNG FU."
       Just walk from town to town, meet
       people, get in adventures

The Dude was very young when this show started in the early 70's.
He was fascinated by how very different the "Kung Fu" TV series was.

Stories of a Shaolin monk walking the Earth in the old west fired his imagination.
Besides martial arts, Caine was known to be soft spoken, humble and able to heal. His only known pastimes are the playing of a bamboo flute and meditation.

These images and underlying philosophy compliment everything else that Dude stores away inside.
It is all connected.

In the first episode, it details a young mans struggle - trying to first be accepted by the Shaolin monks and then working through his education with dogged determination (and a load of self belief).

The Eastern themes and messages of Faith, Peace and working with "what is" - are universal, and Caine is a true hero of the Dudes formative years.

The Dude combines this one jigsaw piece , along with all the others (from Kerouac, Lennon, Cobain) and.... 
it all contributes to building a picture.....  of the type of person he wants to be.

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