Kurt Cobain


The Dude believes Kurts legacy is..
his strong pro spiritual life message 
how accepting he was of ALL peoples... 
and just finding your own way .. your own journey

in that way .. he was a true spirit of the 60s.


“Drugs are a waste of time...  They destroy your memory and your self-respect.... and everything that goes along with your self esteem.” kurt cobain


Here are some personal Dude notes re. some Kurt songs:
SOMETHING IN THE WAY: A load of people will tell you that Kurt never really lived under that bridge. The Dude personally believes that you cannot write something like this and not have elements of truth to it. There is a genuine quality to this song. Kurt obviously had to spend a load of time by himself (left to his own devices). The Dude believes, that from the solitude he connected with a different form of energy. In this song we see that energy come to the surface.  
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT: The trivia point the Dude loved most was re. the recording of this classic song. Producer Butch Vig had a big problem - he knew he did not have the right Kurt vocal recorded. But he also knew that Kurt could be uncompromising re. creative control. Butch took our hero aside and said "that John Lennon used to double track his voice all the time". NB: knowing that Kurt is huge Lennon fan. Kurt agreed, and they fattened up the chorus vocal (and the rest as they say is pure rock n roll history).   

POLLY: "She's just as bored as me, she caught me off my guard, 'mazes me the will of instinct.". Kurt wrote following message: "Last year, a girl was raped by two wastes of sperm and eggs while they sang the lyrics to our song 'Polly.' I have a hard time carrying on knowing there are plankton like that in our audience. Sorry to be so anally P.C. but that's the way I feel." This is what Kurt said in the linear notes of the album Incesticide. The song was written about a girl that was raped, and she outsmarted him and escaped. Kurt read a story in the paper and wrote this song. His notes tell of two men who raped a girl while singing this song. This case was not the reason that the song was written. Peace, love, empathy

LITHIUM: As a Lifeline counselor, the Dude knows that for those who  suffer from severe depression it is incredibly comforting to have an artist that can relate to the illness. To know that there are people in the world feeling as "ugly" as you do - to know that you are not the only one that feels like this. 

HEART SHAPED BOX. "She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak" is this song about getting an illness or a very sarcastic and dark love song for his partner? All the Dude knows is that he loves this song! How the lyrics seem so crazy and audience is left unsure what it all means – the Dude thinks that is exactly how Kurt would have liked it!

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