Klaus Voormann

There are some souls who are key in making important events in history actually happen 

These events usually occur as a result of a seemingly random series of events.
They somehow conspire together to produce an amazing outcome (or message).

Sometimes the whole of mankind is inspired with the message.

But it is all incredibly fragile.

The Beatles were an incredibly creative, yet unstable set of people.

The glue that keeps these individuals together is often an unsung hero. 

In the case of the Fab Four, the Dude believes Klaus Voorman is such a person.

Klaus e
ncouraged good will with all members. 
There is no doubt he acted as a sort of go-between.

Crucially, he seemed to understand Lennon quite well. 
It is incredible reading how he even met the Beatles (in Hamburg). 
Dude recommends the movie Backbeat.
Also, Klaus is a creative soul in his own right. 
To the left is the Grammy award winning Revolver Beatles cover. And then how he reinvented himself during the 60s  as a first class bass player – amazing!
Love this Post Fab Four Lennon "Instant Karma" video (Klaus on bass – take a bow!).
Also with George Harrison (my Sweet Lord) at the Bangladesh concert.:


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