Kim Gordon

The Dude was taken aback by recent announcement
by rock superstars (Sonic Youth band mates)
Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon
to divorce after 30 years together.
They seemed to have it all.
The human part of the Dude says:
“if these guys can’t make it, then what chance have the rest of us?”

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The Dude has been a huge Sonic Youth fan for many years
He particularly likes the Kim Gordon penned material
The Dude will not indulge in specualtion as to what happened...
As mentioned - only the two people concerned really know
Is probably best this way

Maybe Kim has left some clues 
Check out some of her thoughts and feelings
embedded in her songs (the following - a Dude favorite)

Golden blue

"I cant read your mind
I cant find the time
I cant feel the thrill
I don’t have the will"
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