Kim Deal

"I wish Kim was allowed to write more songs for the Pixies" Kurt Cobain

Date: November 2003

Venue: Arena, Brisbane
Band: Breeders

There are special moments in your life 
where years later you look back at what was going on. 
And instead of it being vague.. 
it's like its been elevated into high defintion and it all comes back so clearly.

This night in Fortitude Valley was such a night.

The Dude believes that 
valuable pieces of knowledge get offered to you 
from a place in the universe 
that is beyond our understanding. 
A jigsaw piece that seems to fit in with everything else

The opening track "Tipp City" 
Contender for the Dude best opening track to a gig ever!

The twin sisters (Kim and Kelley) commanded the stage
and they were fun and charming and had a certain energy 

Needless to say the Dude became a fan. 
Loved the music and loved the night.

The Dude made lifelong friends 
with two different people at the concert that night 
which was magical and added to the energy on offer. 
People heretofore who meant nothing , but now special with a common bond.

Dude "just a coincidence i wonder?" 

Footnote: The Dude writes this page on 10 Jun (which is twins birthday). Another coincidence? 
Happy Birthday Kim and Kelley!

"Off You" Youtube: Dudes favorite moment 
at the concert and favorite 

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