Joni Mitchell

"The way I saw the educational system from an early age was that it taught you what to think, not how to think. 
There was no liberty for free thinking. 
You were being trained to fit into a society, where free thinking was a nuisance. 
I liked some of my teachers very much, but I had no interest in their subjects"

In 1992 the Dude was in Essex , England and would spend many hours going up and down that Arterial road. 
Around this time he discovered a Joni Mitchell cassette tape that belonged to his wife in the car.
Anyways, it started with "Urge for Going"", "Chelsea Morning", "Both Sides now", "Carey", "California", "Woodstock" and the hits just kept on coming!
By the end of the tape, the Dude was a big instant fan.
He leaves this page, with the classic anthem for the environment "Big Yellow Taxi"

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