John Lydon

During the Seventies
The Dude listened to middle of the road music
and Progressive rock music...
Punk music a
nd anything alternate
Was not even on the radar.

But events conspired to change this.
In the early 80s,
The Dude found himself in a band
And this experience opened his eyes to a different world 
and got him thinking

Then later (much later),
he started watching a load of videos...
and reading books
and downloading songs
and listening (really listening).

Over Time - he realized the importance of this band
The Dude admired the fact that the lead singer (Johnny) 
Wrote songs personal to him...
That reflected his working class roots
That reflected his frustration and anger 

It was often directed at the fact that… 
this section of society was left behind by successive UK governments
He fights for his own ideas on justice
to create a voice, for those who don't have one
It is a legacy that still resonates today...

Also, he is not trying to influence his audience
He just describes situations (without making them good or bad) ... w
ithout Judgement

Controversially, the Dudes favorite Sex Pistols song is "Bodies" (warning: may cause offence)
 “Body! I’m not an Animal!”
Lydon wants to provoke thought...

Segueway: During a recent night of extreme youth violence ....
The Dude had this song in the back of his mind...

For him there is an alternate meaning...
For the Dude...
It is a Impassioned Cry from the World of Soul
To remind the Body (and the Mind)
That we are all Human
That a Spirit exists
                                                            That Life is precious...
                                                            And it can all be taken away in a Heart Beat...

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