John Lennon

John Lennon. How he took on the Nixon administration and the Vietnam war untruths - well in the Dudes mind, it took a lot of courage.

The songs he created during this period was Lennon at his best.

"Imagine" still has magic and relevance - even to this day.

Written at a time , when the leaders would prefer its youth to sing the "battle hymn of the republic" - along came this song about Peace and Love. It was quite a moment in popular culture.

An entire generation stood up united against unchecked aggression and unfair foreign policy. Eventually, they managed to change the course of the western world.

There are some parallels with 2011 maybe (see the Dudes recent trip to the USA - "60s spirit").  

The Dude has had many philopshical debates about John Lennon and his legacy and how much he means to popular culture. Some questions were asked about his character and how much genuine connectedness to consciouness there was.

The Dude points to the last few years of his life where he became a house husband and a father to his young son Sean. I think during this period , his life really took off and he understood his past drama and worked out what sort of a man he really was. This is brilliantly documented in his last album "Double Fantasy" - beautiful songs. 

ps. Youtube: Dudes favorite John Lennon song "Mind Games" ("Faith in the Future - Out of the Now")

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