Jack Kerouac

Often called the "Father of Beat"...
However, the Dude thinks the term "Father of the 60’s" is more accurate. 

“On the Road” , the ground breaking autobiographical novel 
had a massive influence on youth culture 
and basically laid the foundations for a lot of the thinking in 60s western culture. 

Young people were tired of what the western world was all about
and they had a strong conviction to search for alternative methods. 

The Dude believes Jack was central to this moment in time.

Jack (a Catholic) documented his attempt 
to learn Buddhism (and the ways of the East) in the classic book the "Dharma Bums". 

A lot of the teachings re. blending of East and West ..
came from Gary Snyder and influenced a lot of the artists of the day. 

Jack's inner journey , culminating in him spending 3 months alone..
on Mt Desolation in Washington state, USA.

His style (spontaneous prose) is often criticized for being too loose.. 
and little regard for rules , but there is a freedom to his words.. 
and while he is there alone on the mountain - the story really soars. 

Kerouac realised at an early stage in his career, 
that writing in a mode where you almost feel connected.. 
to divine energy is how to get performance at its best. 

Kerouac used this personal confession technique. 
Also he realised that -  from the solitude of nature.. 
you find an opening to another world - The Quiet Earth.

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