Grace Slick

 60s icon Grace Slick.. 
is now over 70 years young,

and is like a living treasure from a bygone era..

the decade the Dude rates as ..

"the best of the 20th century.."

This time (the 60s) .. serves as a timely reminder

as some of the issues faced then.. are as relevant today.

The thing that impresses the Dude most about Grace 
is her ability to allow.. her real self to come to the surface.
She has definitely mellowed out as a senior ..

and she has developed an entertaining way of getting across .. 

a sometimes powerful message.  

The Dude respects her words and opinions.


Dude interpretation of White Rabbit.

White Rabbit is considered by many
to be an absolute classic anthem for the times...
Like all good art there are many interpretations

For the Dude its all about Education..
and how the individual has a life long obligation to be student of life.

The last lines of this song (IMHO) is the one that strikes a chord.

“Remember what the doormouse said:
Feed your head, feed your head, feed your head”
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