Georgie Best

"what the genius possess and the insane lament...".

A few years back...
The Dude was in a Brisbane pub with an Irish woman
We started talking about Football
The Dude commented "the best player he ever saw..." (deep breath) ....
                                                   "was Paul Gascoigne 1991... Tottenham Hotspur away at Norwich City" 

He commented about the skill of the player... the absolute raw talent ..(pause in the conversation)
After awhile the Dude asked "So, who is the best player you ever saw?"
and she shot back without hesitation
"Georgie Best"
She spoke with some zest.. about the player and the person...
and what he meant to her country...

The bit that the Dude remembered... was this comment she made about a necklace he wore
On the necklace... there was a pendant 
with one word...
and that word was "YES"
The Dude earmarked that information (as the word YES is central to his philosophy).
IMHO - Its all about being spontaneous... unpredictable... responding to "what is" and...
"In the universe... there are no accidents"

RIP Georgie Best          

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