George Harrison

As a teenager and young man..
the Dude never paid much attention to the "Quiet Beatle"..  
but somehow.. later .. much much later..
seemingly unrelated events, readings
and listenings.. 
just sort of.. came together..

A key moment was his 3rd last day on his April 2011 USA holiday.. 
the drive started from his sisters abode in Santa Cruz..
and driving down the west coast of California (US 101). 

With the sky in twilight... and the city of Los Angeles loomed before him.. 
                                                   the Dude pushed aside drowziness and shook his head a little.

The traffic for one thing was getting more heavy..
Also, it was the end of a 5 week tour .. and he wanted to absorb the final moments.

Looking out over the Northern LA hills.. 
he looked to the sky for some sort of inspiration. 

The Dude took a deep breath.
He looked across at his dear wife ..
She was exhausted from a recent illness and fast asleep. 

The Dude needed to stay focussed.. 
and push through the tiredness to get to destination Santa Monica.
He hit the power button of the radio and.. 
was instantly bombarded by the local DJ talking his talk. 
The Dude let out a long breath...

What happened next was something quite remarkable:
The opening guitar strums of "My Sweet Lord" filled the car cabin. 
The Dude glanced at the radio sensing something special.. 
and simply started to listen.

He realised it had been 40 years, since the songs release,
but he had never really heard it before.. 

By the end of the experience..
The Dude was on the edge of his seat..
he felt very awake and very aware.
There seemed to be a thick air of energy in the car... 

It was as if the warm spiritual light of George Harrison himself..
                                                                      was vibrating around him. 

Later.. he reflected back some core truths.. 
The blending of Eastern and Western in the song..

He thought "surely, this is the way forward for the world!"

the realisation .. 
               "that we actually have more in common , than we have differences"

The Dude abides.

Check out George Harrison and the song that touched the hearts of a generation: 

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