Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder is an American poet (often associated with the Beat Generation), as well as an essayist, lecturer, Pulitzer Prize winner and environmental activist.
He blends his interest in the environment, Zen Buddhism and nature into his work. 

The Dude is a massive Jack Kerouac fan. 

As such, it is hard to go past Gary Snyder as he features in so many of Jacks novels (see especially "Dharma Bums").


"There’s nothing wrong with you Ray - your only trouble is you never learned to get out to spots like this...

you've let the world drown you in its horseshit and you’ve been vexed…” excerpt from Kerouacs "Dharma Bums

The part when they scramble up the Matterhorn Peak in California is awe inspiring. 

IMHO,  Gary was the only person alive who could have saved Uncle Jack.
Snyder, whose penchant for the simple life and Zen Buddhism greatly influenced Kerouac. This culminated in Jack spending 3 mths in solitude as a fire lookout on Desolation Peak  (Washington state). 
The Kerouac description of his solitude and his heart wrenching attempt  to finally face his demons, the universe and everything else is edge of the seat stuff. See also One Golden Eternity and The Void

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Ps. On the Dudes recent trip to Yosemite national park , there is a Gary tribute in the visitor centre to the great man - see pic with words below.