David Suzuki

We operate under a skewed system that perpetuates an illusion of infinite growth within the reality of a finite planet David Suzuki
David Suzuki. Environmentalist. Professor. It took a while for the Dude to warm to the David personality. But on a recent trip to Australia , what came across more than anything else was his absolute passion for the future of this planet. see youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvCm7rixdZk   

"All life is related - Treat that life with great humility and respect"

David talks about his concern for the planet (and for his children and their children).
He laments the way of the world : 
- The Greedy (who are only concerned with profit and loss)
- The Immoral (who will actually discredit reputable scientists)
- The Apathetic (who have long given up caring about anything)
- The Weak (who are paralysed by their own drama to think of anything else)
- The Gullible (that follow what media magnates trowel out)

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