Clare Torry

The Dude believes that in the last section of your life
you have an obligation to be the best person you possibly can be
Charged with the experiences you have gained

Its a time to take stock
and sort out how you want to spend your remaining time

With awareness to what the Dude calls The Quiet Earth
there will be some sort of connection to all living things.

when the Dude gets to this stage...
he has asked his children to spread this ashes 
in the Australian bush 
places he has visited often... AND ....
while this is going on
the Dude has requested they play the music of Pink Floyd (Rick Wright RIP btw) 
and the wondrous vocal of Clare Torry "Great Gig in the Sky"

Footnote: For the Dude, this song encompasses everything he would like to say about this world ...

CLARE TORRY inspired vocal - see youtube (featuring Pink Floyd):

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Clare - a true spirit of the 60s:

Clare talks about the recording experience: