6 Spirit of the 60s

Energy from the 60s and the whole vibe of the time..
profoundly influences the Dude.

It inspires him to think about things, follow a path and
take action.. 

He believes the consciousness of the Sixties
is relevant to the current period .. 
which ... is in a period of turbulence.

There are those with their own skewed agenda
who would have you believe..
that the 60s was all about:
Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll..

Yet, there are other.. inspired souls..
(ones that the Dude refers to as "the Spiritual teachers")
that pass on a different type of knowledge..

On the surface of it.. 
there seems to be little connection between these people...



But the Dude believes .. there does exist..  a Common Spirit..
and one with a very powerful message.


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