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George Jung

"He looks to the sky above ...
                        ...for a glimpse of what it means"

For many years the Dude ignored this film “Blow
He felt some of these “based on true life” stories - can sometimes glorify crime.

There is no doubt that George Jung did some pretty dark and desperate acts.
But it is hard for the audience, not to become engaged with the Depp portrayed character

For the Dude this story is not about cocaine trafficking
and the ego trip that loads of money can give you
This film offers more important lessons to be learned...

At its core - this film is about Family
Firstly, the precious relationship between a father and his daughter
And then , there is George’s Dad.
All the way through the film - His Dad (Fred) did not give up - trying to teach his son what he knew...

“Money isn't real, George 

  It just doesn't matter”

At the end of the film, George has been inside jail for many years 
His Dad has long since passed away
George spends his time meandering around the prison grounds thinking...

Not about his past glory re. drugs, money, power and women
but the lost love of his daughter (and how much he yearns to get her back).

Finally, George understands...   what his father was trying to say...

Movie closes with beautiful Nikka Costa track:

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