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So there were four lads from Wellington
With dreams of writing songs
Performing live and living the life of.:
Musicians , Poets and Progressive Rockers

This picture represents the culmination 
of the "band days" in Dudes life (dude on keyboards).
Our one and only Live gig (05 Apr 1985) at Union Bar Victoria University and
we finished the set with a 13 minute (Dude penned) original epic called "The Lighthouse"

It was a very creative, fun and often challenging few years..
Band practise every Saturday morning
and during the week co-writing original material.

Am so grateful to have had this one night experience!

The Dude would be amiss if he did not mention the rock group Genesis
These guys directly influenced the hearts and minds of the Dudes band.
We were all very intense fans of this group.

Over countless beverages ...
we would compare and discuss the finer points of their music. 

Genesis has had a huge influence on Dudes life

Here is and example of the Dudes favorite Genesis song from that period.

Musical Box: the song is about a mock-Victorian tale set in a country house 
with a young girl (Cynthia) and a young boy called Henry.
The boy dies and returns to Cynthia in spirit ..
he ages an entire life to an old man (see picture) in a few minutes
to the climax part of the song.
Close your eyes and listen. Stupenda!

"You stand there with your fixed expression
casting doubt on everything I have to say"  Peter Gabriel

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