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Flesh for Fantasy

Since the Spirit of the 60s, an amazing amount of progress has been made between the sexes.

We now find ourselves on the precipice of a new age (where an opportunity exists to make good on some of those hard learned truths).
Information is readily available now through technology (and the knowledge is spreading).
Men will always acknowledge the female form
The Dude believes...
what he does next - is the critical thing.

Are we sophisticated enough to be able to put these things into perspective?
Can Women and Men choose to support each other at a different level?
The Dude says “it is not the sex itself that is wrong - just the lies”
Can we Stop for a second (and just take a deep breath?)
Can we listen to a different part of ourselves?
Can we even acknowledge that there is some other knowledge inside... that is as old as time itself

You May say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm not the only one
The Dude believes that in the new age of consciousness, the answers to all these question is Yes.

The Dude understands that detractors will say:
 “But Dude, look at the proliferation of pornography
and the disintegration of the church and families strangled by the divorce courts
and suicide and children out of control and the massive culture of drugs and alcohol and random violence....."
(Takes a deep breath)
The Dude could write a mountain of words... about what is wrong with relationships (and the world),
After many years of Lifeline calls...  that go over and over recurring themes.
There are many different ways to show Love to a Person...
There are many different ways to show Love to the Void...
It all starts from the same place

 Love is the Answer - and you know that for sure
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