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KWAM (Karma Women and Men)

KWAM: [Kwa-arhm]
Meaning: Karma Women and Men
The Dude believes we are entering into a new age.

On that cool morning, while sitting on the edge of Bryce Canyon , Utah - one of the many thoughts and feelings that the Dude was overwhelmed by was - the future of the planet.

Not only from the perspective of Man vrs Environment , but also human to human relationships (especially between Women and Men).

The Dude reclined back and tilted his face towards the sun.
He thought of his own experiences and about his children and the future of humanity as a whole.
During his time as a Lifeline counsellor, he had heard many painful stories between the female and male (not to mention the devastating affect on the  family and friend bystanders). See related link to Flesh for Fantasy.

Paradoxically though, despite some obvious areas of darkness in current society - there is much evidence of gains in the right direction.
There has definitely been a rise of men and women just being together with a different sort of non physical connection. 
Communication on a whole range of subjects is now possible, which did not exist before.
A lot of young people seem to have a good awareness about positive relationships. 
With technology, there is much information about relations..
The Dude himself believes "Relations between Women and Men is actually very simple - if you choose them to be"

He tried to think of a word that captured future possibilities for Women and Men?? He considered “Platonic”, but it does not quite capture what he thought.

There is a real sophistication out there, and he wanted a word that went beyond that… 
To capture what exists...  Something... neither Feminine or Masculine...

He took a deep breath.

From the magic view of the Void (see below) he took it upon himself to expand his mind - to create.

He worked with an acronym: women and men (equalling WAM).
The K in KWAM.
The Dude likes the meaning of the word Karma.
For the Dude, the word Karma has many meanings.
It can mean acceptance of Fate (good or bad or both)
Some sort of choice to be made
and the Universal will from the  World of Soul                    
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