2010 May 13 (Matts Message)

Saturday night (8 May 2010)

The Dudes youngest daughter had a Grade 12 (17th Birthday) party

Long story short
The party got gatecrashed...
There was drunkenness
There was ridiculous foul mouthed bravado between young men
A lone girl screams for calm...  as she senses the situation
There was a brief impasse... and then... 

In a blaze of shocking Teen Violence... 
All the hours spent:
Playing violent video games..
watching and listening 
to media with dark hate filled themes..
and downloads about Extreme Fighting..
IMHO - all fed into into 5 minutes of Madness...
Police Cars, Ambulance, yelling, screaming, kids running - Chaos
Resuscitating a 17 years old with a fractured skull
Another boy had a detached retina from repeated kicks to the head
The Dudes own son was knocked unconscious

As the week rolled forward
and the injured recovered
The Dude reviewed the craziness he had witnessed
There was a deep breath.....
He realised how close to Tragedy he had come...
Then on the Thursday morning (13 May 2010)...
He remembered reading about a grieving Brisbane father...
who had dropped his 16 year old son (Matt Stanley) to a Saturday night party,
Matt became victim of “One Punch can Kill”
The Dude was touched by what he had read...

On a hunch, the Dude investigated the story more on the net
He decided to email his recent experience to the Matt Stanley Foundation  website
And was surprised to have a personal phone call back from his Dad (Paul)
NB: Was a very emotion charged conversation...

That night he did the normal 90mins walk home 
Just before he walked into the backyard gate...
He paused in the neighbouring park
(The scene of the Saturday night fight)

NB: In his mp3 earphones
He was listening to the beautiful voice of Clare Torry
singing that Pink Floyd song "Great Gig in the Sky

He stood there looking at the night sky
He thought about the recent events
and how everything just "hangs by a thread"...
He wondered about the Stanley family..
is beyond words to describe what they must have been through.
He searched upward to the Void... for some sense of it all.

The Dude is unsure exactly what the "Message from Matt" was
But he did feel connected to a powerful presence.
The energy was inspiration in a way...

Something about trying to be a "better person"
Maybe that is the point
RIP Matt


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