2011 Jul 05 (Byron Bay)

The Dude woke up early on this Tuesday and let his two university daughters sleep in.

Study during the semester had taken there toll and he let them re-charge their batteries.

The winter air was fresh and the crash of the waves gentle.

The expanse of the white sand swept around towards the lighthouse (Australias most easterly point).

It was so quiet.

The Dude listened and could almost hear the mighty earth rolling slowly through space – turning on its axis with a slow grinding groan. The sun was now breaking through the clouds. He looked at the big sky in wonder - The spreading oranges and reds against the blues and greys were awe inspiring.

The Dude wishes he had his oldest daughters new camera to capture such a sight, instead he reached for the mobile phone to capture one of the worst photos of all time - Ha - see attached.

But at the same time he feels so glad to have it.

Anything, to remind him of the calm and peace.
The Dude closed his eyes real tight - He thought of Lifeline phonecalls and all the drama in the world.
As a counsellor, he listens to many stories and understands there is a lot of dark and heavy energy gripping the world at the moment.

Opening his eyes he looks back at the sunrise. Before the majesty of such a sight - he wonders about the world. How can the two things exist at the same time? There seems to be duality -  Between darkness and Light - between hate and Love.

Could it be that this stress is really mind made illusion?
If the world was present at this moment on the beach , then maybe there could be a different perspective?

This sunrise is what is really going on – it is real.

Yes, drama and stress exist – if you want them to exist.
And in the same way - the beauty of the world is there – if you open your eyes.

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