2013 Nov 14 (Fantasy Island)

Last week the Dude took off to one of the islands in bay off Brisbane.
The plan was to primarily spend some time with his 20 something son..
and it also doubled as a bit of a physical work out with the bikes.

If there was a third reason in the back of his mind.. 
It was probably to do with Earthships and how to make the model work.

Nb: The Dude had done some prep work.. 
and made a note of half a dozen land blocks for sale on the island.

Very early on they came across some land perfect for an Earthship build.
A good sized block.. on a isolated back road.
Plenty of tree protection in the front of the property 
nb: there was  a clearing towards the back of the section perfect for a hut build.
           It was almost like the Gods were beckoning “Build me!”.

Later at the end of their tour and in the local cafe.. 
The Dude tucked in to an outstanding BLT and fresh ground coffee 
He paused.. and decided to lay down his vision.. on how the build could work..
“First of all” he said  to his son ..

“A person would need to spend a few months preparing for the venture...
Probably collect all the tyres and cans and cardboard upfront.. "
“and if you can .. find someone .. a friend who lives nearby in Redlands bay area.. 
ask them is .. 'you can dump all this material there for a week or two'...”.

“Then i see it as being a simple task of hiring a work van for the day
then load up the van with building materials..
drive it down to the Ferry service.. get to island.. and unload at section”.

The Dude l
eaned back in the chair and thought of the dollars involved:
"I reckon costing of three Ferry trips would be about $400 ..  budget for $100 for van hire.
And then.. you will also need sledgehammer, Stanley knife, spade.. steel rods.. cement maybe.
And most importantly .. just start working.. 
You could tent it at the island.. use public bathroom facilities”
You could put this all together .. freehold .. no utilities.. land included.. for under $20,000"
NB: this includes the price of the 650m2 block..
                                                    He breathed in slowly  surprising himself with what he had said..
                                                                 “Yeah.. you know.. I think it could be done!”

The island itself seemed to be like a wonderful Pacific isle..
However - if the Dudes son was enthused , then he was not showing it..
Dude pushed the sandwich plate away from him.. 
and examined the young man before him.. trying to remember when he too was young.
He thought "His whole life yet to unfold.. What sort of challenges will he face?
Will Governments and Corporations ash so much from him... that he will no time for himself?"

The Dude persisted with the dream Earthship build idea.. 
“I see privacy is key to the success of this whole venture..
You basically want to get the job done with little fuss, little fanfare".

The Dudes son paused and took his own deep breath..
“You know .. it is very quiet here.. and also nothing to do”.
The Dude laughed a little out of the corner of his mouth..
“Well Yes.. and I think for some people that is kind of the point!”.

Dude Summary Comment:
“I think this solution would suit someone who is over worked and stressed..
Someone on the edge.. who thinks they feel trapped.
There is always a way out.. 
You just need to find the peace.. the calm.. and  then you will know...”
And the decided to underline his point by saying “Young Padwan”.

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