2012 Feb 25 (Mikes Lecture)

Those with grown up children will know....
That there is no better parent-child experience than
having your kid involve you with something.
The Dudes uni student daughter
 (architecture) arranged an outing together...
at a QUT (Queensland University Technology) lecture room... to see none other than
the Father of Earthships (Mr Mike Reynolds).

Was a great day - the Dude Loved every second!

The key piece in the lecture for the Dude was the following video:
It explained the “Earthship Villa” idea
And how they applied this technology with the Haiti Earthship.


Then Mike Reynolds put up this black and white picture 
with words like Oxygen, Water, Compost, Carbon and Photosynthesis...

And showed how this Earthship Villa in Haiti was in fact a
living metaphor for the natural science of a Tree
(and how the elements inter relate...)



Post lecture... the Dude was sitting in the backyard
Day dreaming on one of those swing couch things that sit on the grass
When his wife 
  sat down beside him...
He commented about how inspired he was with the Earthship Hut lecture
and how he wished he had the land to build one..



She then said
“Why don’t you build one right there”
Pointing to a vacant bricked spot right in backyard
The Dude got up out of his seat and marked off 3.5 metres sq
see picture.
A phone call to the Brisbane council revealed..
for class 10 build (that requires no council approval)
See Brisbane City council web site in below appendix.
The Dude took an above photo
And tried to map out all the bits and pieces...
“Recreate the Haiti Earthship Villa in my own backyard - what a great idea!”

Appendix Council Notes:

Building approval
Class 10a structures under the Building Code of Australia. According to the Building Regulation 2006, you do not need building approval if :
• no more than 10 square metres in area after building work is completed
• no more than 2.4 metres high (with an 'average mean height' of no more than 2.1 metres)
• no longer than 5 metres along any side


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