2008 Jan 22 (Heath Death)

"I'm not really sure I did too much that you should remember.... 
beyond make a Beautiful little Girl....
the One Thing Every guy wants to be able to say he Did"
The Dude family was on holiday at Coolangatta Queensland and the news broke real early in the day... 
They watched TV and Dude daughters were shocked - as Heath Ledger was one of their favourite actors.

The actual day was beautiful... with plenty of sun.
The Dude went to the beach and did the normal holiday stuff.
He did have some unease in the evening.
He excused himself to go out for a long walk, which always seemed to work for him.. To connect
and bring energy to the surface...

While walking along the beach paths towards Snapper Rocks, he realised it was almost a magnificent night. 
Warm tropical breeze and there was a massive moon over the water which seemed to dominate the night sky...  
At the rocks he paused and took a deep breath...

What was the source of the Dude anxiety?
He emptied his mind deliberately to see what would come in.
Slowly, he started thinking about Heath. 
His breathing began to get calm...  

He wondered “How did someone with so many reasons to live - manage to die alone - and so physically sick... 
so reliant on Prescription Drugs     and so Desperate?”

The Dude breathed deep again..
and from the place... where the land meets sea.. he felt connection... 

Impressions and images and ideas came forward... 
                  A range of information about Heath came flooding in...

The Dude thought about Heath and his final moments.
The impression the Dude got was that he (Heath) was accepting of his fate 
and there was some real positive energy at the point of his Death
He had achieved what he was supposed to achieve on this Earth (it was enough)
Heath was especially proud of his daughter

The Dude took away an undercurrent message for himself.

It was along the lines of the Dude learning to be more of a Family guy
And not to take his wife and children for granted..
                                                                  and Manage his middle aged father temper a little better.

NB: As a direct consequence of this experience... 
the Dude would undertake Lifeline counselling training.
Before the training.. the Dude thought he knew Everything about Life, 
After the Training... he realised he had only scratched the surface

The Dude abides. 
RIP Heath Ledger.

Footnote: Also , see Dude opinion on Prescription Medication in  Drugs Don't Work (Part2)

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