1995 Jul 30 (First Force)

Cold Cold Winter Sunday.
The rest of the family was sick, but the Dudes young son (aged 7 at the time) was OK.
"Perfect" he thought "for some Father-Son bonding". see also Spencer Tracy.

Children are only small for a precious short time (and these formative years are good times to pass on core beliefs).

The Dude thought "What to do?"
He read the Sunday paper.
At the Movie page , there was an advertisement for a Star Wars movie marathon – starting at 2pm and going through into the evening.
The Dude had been a big admirer of these films (and loved how  George Lucas weaved Eastern spiritualism into the Jedi way of Life).
Also, what a great reference point when explaining how the world works to his son. See also  Star Trek.

The Dude informed his son that we were off the old movie house on Ipswich road.
NB: The Dude acknowledges that the (now gone) Paramount Cinema is not a typical setting for the Quiet Earth, however the old place did have a certain something about it. 

The young fella seemed very excited,  as the first Star Wars (a new hope) started. 
It is an exciting film and was a good experience.
For his son though - it is the next film (The Empire Strikes Back), that he wanted him to pay attention to.

For young minds seeking knowledge , this film is a great place to start. 
In the Dudes mind this was the ultimate Father-Son experience (a moment they both still reference). 

The Dude leaves you with the classic Dagobah scene and a message that still puts the hairs on the back of his neck on end...       

  "you will know ............ when you are calm, at peace.... passive"

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