1993 Apr 08 (Sad Sack)

Immediately after being dumped from his job as a contractor (from a large telecommunications company), the Dude chose to stride out of the building. 

He could have been counselled by a sympathetic work colleague or sought solace in the arms of his lovely wife (or maybe even check into a local drinking establishment).
These thoughts were quickly dismissed.

On instinct, he simply started walking around the river. To be 

The reasons for his work departure are not important, but suffice to say that when large IT (information Technology) projects do not go to plan , there are always plenty of people around who try and work out easy targets to point the finger at. 
There is none easier than the Dude.

The walk continued.
He initially went down the avenue of “woulda shoulda coulda”, but could see there was little point going over the drama. 

At the time , it all seemed immense and overwhelming.

The Dude then thought of his new family.
Wife and three very young children. 

Almost immediately the typical human response of fear and anxiety kicked in.
The Dude spent much time along the riverbank,  thinking about some negative imagined scenarios. 
Thoughts of failure crept in. 
He kept walking.

He arrived at the wonderful Brisbane botanical gardens and decided to sit down on a park bench.
A clear blue sky and an expanse of lawn and palm trees and water lily ponds.
The mighty Brisbane river in the background completing the picture.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

He instinctively chose to clear his mind.

He got the message very early “that all these bad outcomes he had been thinking of are just illusion”.
Despite, the shock of losing his job, he knew his personal integrity was still intact.
The path he was on was still there
The Love for his family was still there.

He breathed and let his shoulders slump (like a weight had been removed).

Once calm, he took in some more energy in - 
He could feel the warmth of the sun through the trees , as he turned his face upwards.

Although , he could not see the future, he knew something was out there.
He decided to work through this moment - Stay Positive, Stay Patient, Stay Alert.

He ended by showing gratitude to the universe.
He recounted the many things in his life that he was thankful for.

This particular date does represent the lowest point in his career, but also it is a day he remembers as a triumph of the spirit.

For the Dude, It is all about connection...
to a different place...
what he calls...
Quiet Earth

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