1992 Apr 04 (Essex Sunrise)

The Dude woke for an early morning run around the Essex city of Chelmsford.
It was cool, but he quickly warmed into the run.
England has kind of white haze in the sky all the time.
When anyone from the other side of the world sees their sunrise and sunsets - they are truly amazed. 
The Dude had his trusty walkman tape playing everything from REM, Pixies to Nirvana.
He enjoyed the empty streets.
However, there was a kind of unease within.
It had been building for awhile.

Life in Britain had been good. He had gained some invaluable overseas work experience and he felt more confident as a person.
Britons were welcoming and seemed to know a lot about Australians and New Zealanders.
He appreciated the off beat, quirky sense of local humor.
The Dude could not pin what the inner turbulence was all about.
He decided to run a bit longer and then walk the last part back to his “one up one down” flat.
He stopped with heavy breathing and looked around him.
You can actually look straight into the sun with the amazing reds and purples on display.
He closed his eyes momentarily and tried to empty his mind.
He started thinking about his young children.
What he hoped for them.
Dreaming about their future left his head spinning.
Employment, Housing, Schools, Money and all the while staying happy within a family unit.
How to achieve this?  What steps to action?
He decided to just breathe
and concentrate on the now.

The Dude asked a question: “well - what city to live in?”
In truth, the Dude had nothing.
One idea did come very early and it proved to be a significant.
He would invite all his best friends (at the time) to a pub in London and armed with an atlas of the entire world, he would ask them to help chart his future.
At the Wellington pub at Waterloo station the boys determined the Dudes future.
The chain of events started from an ordinary morning run.
The energy from magnificent sunrise provided the information.
It came from a place not often seen - what the Dude calls The Quiet Earth.


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waterloo station pub